Monday, November 7, 2011

Pari Hu Main

Do spread the word around about sweet Pari who is for adoption. Here is Padmaja's e-mail

I have a mixed breed pup which we rescued few weeks back. I want to find a sweet,loving family who can adopt this pup.
I'm attaching a photo of my pup as asked by u.

Here r some details of my pup:
This pup PARI (We have temporarily named it so)Dog face is 3 month old female mix breed pup. She is white in color with brown ears. She is an adorable, playful & very energetic pup.
PARI goes bananas over mashed banana.
PARI eats marie bisciuts, milk (diluted) and softly cooked rice with boiled-mashed potatoes or carrots mixed with curds (diluted),idli & rotis ( not at all fussy about food).
PARI has been vaccinated for Distemper, Corona & rabies.

Request u to find a new home for puppy ASAP

E-Mail :