Friday, April 29, 2011

Adorable kittens

An e-mail about four very adorable kittens that are up for adoption. The kittens are about five weeks old. Do spread the word!

Hey there,

I used to feed a stray cat and one day to my surprise, she hid in a corner of my house and gave birth to four kittens. I couldn't throw them out, so I've been taking care of them since then. They were born on the 22nd March.

Their weaning period usually lasts 5 weeks and I can't take care of them forever, nor do I want them to live a stray life, and that is where you come in. So if you know someone in Mumbai who would be interested in adopting a kitten, or if you want to adopt one, pls get in touch with me. My number is 9833269859.

I've attached a few snaps of the babies and the mother (she has different coloured eyes!)

Update : Aalekh informs us that he found homes for all of them. One in Mumbai and 3 in Ahmedabad

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sewri Kitten

An e-mail from Arjun. Do spread the word


there is a cute and healthy kitten up for adoption. it is under 3 weeks old so not sure about gender. available for inspection in sewri.

thank you

arjun mukerjee


Update : Arjun informs us that She has been adopted!