Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eight adorable pups for adoption

When chocolate makers, Meher Pinto and her daughter Ghazala spotted a new dog in their neighborhood, under their building, they realized that she was pregnant. They named her Babli and took her into their home temporarily so that she can be comfortable during her pregnancy. Not only did Babli live like a queen, she gave a litter of eight princes and princesses which are what we would call bonnie babies.

They are now a month and a half .The pups are of all colors. Black and white, brown, creamish and some look so identical that it is difficult to tell who is who. Meher and Gazala are looking for good homes for these chubby, healthy, bubbly and energetic pups. Here are their pictures. Do spread the word around. Babli in the mean time prances in and out of their house and would be sterilized as soon as she is ready to be. Call 23868240/23874099. E-mail :

Update: Seven pups have got good home, one to go...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pups for Adoption

An e-mail from Anu Sharma

Hi,My name is Anu Sharma. There are 3 stray puppies who are totally adorable and I was wanting to get them homes. I would have happily kept them but my mom is asthmatic. The puppies are about 6-8 weeks old, healthy and very playful. I would be very grateful if you can support me in finding them loving homes asap.

Thanks, Anu Sharma

Please call Anu on 9819395921 if you know any one who is looking for these adorable pups. She is based in Kandivali.

Update: Anu informs us that sadly one of the pups died and the others have dissapeared from her buildng compound.


An e-mail from Amanda

Meet Nootro - a 1 month old mix-breed orphan pup who needs a loving family to snuggle up to. He's been taken to the vet, is totally clean (no fleas, ticks) and is 100% healthy. He's too young for his shots & will need it as & when he turns 2 months old. If you know anyone who would like to adopt him do lemme know. We've been alternating taking him home with us every night and dont know how long we can manage that

Cheers Amanda

E-mail Amanda on to adopt Nootro
Update :Nootro has been adopted

Just wanted to update you guys that Nootro has been adopted by a really nice Parsi family who have a farmhouse in Lonavala. So he's gonna be livin the life, running around and creating havoc in classic Nootro style! :)

They got in touch with us through WSD so I just wanted to say a BIG BIG thanks to you guys and a BIG pat on the back for the super job you guys are doin.