Monday, September 27, 2010

Five Pups

An e-mail from Meenal Rajda

These 5 adorable puppies need a home urgently. They have already lost 2siblings.. one died because she came under the car n d 2nd one is missing :(

There r way too many dogs in that lane already.

WSD has helped out and have checked them at many occasions.

I take care of them and feed them everyday.

They are very playful and loving and healthy and approximately 3months old.

Pup no. 1 is a male he is plain white in colour
Pup no. 2 is a male and he is white in colour with brown ears
Pup no. 3 is a female n she's beige in colour with a white thick line on her face
Pup no. 4 is white with black spots on his body and he has a brown face
Pup no. 5 is male and is beige in colour

Please circulate this email among your friends so that we can help find them homes.

Please find attached pictures of the puppies.

Meenal Rajda

Monday, September 20, 2010


An e-mail from Mili regarding Pagli. Do spread the word so that she finds a good home.

Brief Description

An extremely adorable dog was dropped outside our building who has now won us over with her super cute personality and unconditional love. However we cant keep her for long so need to find her a good loving home. We call her 'Pagli' coz of all the madness that she does all day. She wags her tail 24/7 and can endlessly play with oodles of energy. Though we dont know her exact age, looking at her crazy puppy-like temperament and small petite frame, we are assuming that she is not more than a year old. Pagli is dewormed, sterilized and vaccination against rabies. She is currently on pedigree and is perfectly healthy.

Pls let me know if anyone is willing to adopt her.

Mili Khakharia

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sweety and Jamal

An e-mail from Peter and Carola. Do spread the word so that Sweety and Jamal get good homes.


We still have 2 puppies for which we are looking for loving homes.
I attach pictures of the mother (sweety) and one of her sons (Jamal).
Both are sterilized, vaccinated, dewormed and have tick & flea drops.
Sweety is about 1,5 years old.
Jamal is about 7 months old.Jamal

Any assistance you can provide is welcome,
Thanks and regards
Peter & Carola Peerboom

tel 022 3204 8265