Tuesday, June 16, 2009

'Maya' jaal

Maya is a Labrador puppy living in a building alley in South Mumbai. She is around five months old. Though she is looked after well by her owners, we feel that she would be prone to ailments on the street because of her breed. Her owners have always kept strays and now realize that it would be better for her that she goes into a home.

Maya is very friendly, playful, healthy and generally very spoilt. She is also taken by her owners for car rides and loves the air-conditioning in the car. She has been vaccinated by us and is looking for a good home and as loving owners as she has now.

If you want to be mesmerized by her "Maya"jaal, call WSD on 64222838 or e-mail wsdindia@gmail.com
Update : Maya Has been adopted

Little Zeezu

An e-mail from Chantal Norton about Zeezu

She is about 5 or 6mths old now, house trained, and en route to being obedience trained.So far she is good with 'sit', 'lie down', still working on 'stay' and 'come' cos she gets distracted easily cos she is still a pup, and she has not quite got the knack of 'drop' when asked to dropped the ball in a game of throw and retrieve.
Also knows not to go in the kitchen or jump on furniture and doesn't chew chappels anymore either!!!She is extremely friendly and gets on well with other dogs. Ideally we'd like to find her a nice home with people who love dogs. She is not at all traffic savvy though, she has not figured out that cars can hurt, she is walked on the leash because she would run the risk of being hit by a car otherwise.

I've attached some photos, please could you circulate these to any interested people. They can either call my flatmate Reshma on 9820226364 (speaks hindi) or myself on 9833439030 (my hindi is not so good)

Do spread the word about Zeezu.