Saturday, April 25, 2009


A brindle and white male, Brindy loves to be exercised. He is very loving and will make an excellent house pet. He too is very friendly.

Call WSD 64222838 or e-mail


The very handsome Taras loves to be taken out for a walk and will readily accompany you everywhere. Sometimes he has a habit of wandering around the kennels looking up at what is happening with other dogs. He will also make a good watchdog.
To meet Taras and to take him for a walk, call WSD on 64222838 or email

Latte or Choti

She is a shy dog and was brought from the airport by the BMC. She has a beautiful, slightly hairy white coat with brown patches on the body and face. She is around nine months old. She got two names as her brown color reminds you of a Cafe Latte and as she is also small and so was called Choti.
Call WSD on 64222838 or e-mail

Update : Latte has been adopted


Monty was named by the visiting sixth graders from The American School. In addition he can claim some name to fame as a model for the Time Out Magazine in their Kids Issue cover story. Monty is a handsome dog, very likeable and very good with children.

Come, bring your kids to take Monty for a walk and then home by visiting WSD. Call on 64222838 or e-mail


She is a dog from the airport. She stands out with her white coat and her beauty. She came to us very shy and scared and now she rushes up and down the kennels playing a cat and mouse game with ‘Kali’, our resident dog. She is still shy but will be friends with you once she knows you.

Do call WSD on 64222838 or e-mail, if you know any one who will want to give Zara, a loving home.


Bholi is really very bholi bhali. She was dumped by some heartless family and was found wandering in a traumatised state near Prabhadevi. She is a young Labrador-mix, very affectionate, friendly and loving. She will make an extremely good natured house pet and will shower you with lots of love and affection.
To see Bholi call WSD on 64222838 or e-mail
Update : Bholi has been adopted


This ginger kitten is around four months old. He was found by a cat lover in a shriveled state outside the Chimanlals footpath in Fort and was left to die with bubblegum purposely stuck to him all over his body by some cruel person. The bubblegum was removed by us in over a week but he got ‘stuck’ with the name. Bubblegum is a very healthy, calm and an affectionate kitten and misses her friend ‘Bravo’ who was adopted into a very loving home. He has beautiful,big ginger eyes that you will fall in love with.

To visit Bubblegum and see her tricks, call WSD on 64222838 or e-mail
Update : Bubblegum has been adopted

Friday, April 17, 2009


An e-mail from Dharmesh Thakker about Milo

Milo is about a month old and i took him with me as he was bit weak and under nourished as well as scared as he was alone. i am presently taking care of him and taking him to vet fo tratment for bad stomach and ticks on skin. unfortunately it is not possible for me to take care of him for longer time as i am working and i understand that milo needs good care and attention for coupld of more months. that will ensure him healthy and longer life.

I would have kept milo with me but to ensure his well being i have no option but to give him away to another caring person.

Please spread the word so that Milo gets a good home. Please e-mail Dharmesh on or call 9820686611.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Danny and Ronnie


Both have similar stories and looks, making you wonder if they were twins(not identical) lost in a Mela aka Bollywood. But alas, both were abandoned in two different parts of Mumbai City.

Ronnie was thrown out of a car at Cuffe Parade one evening and Danny was found abandoned near the Lokhandwala mangroves at Andheri.

Danny is white hairy male, Corgi-ish short and has been sterilized and vaccinated against 7-in-one and rabies. He is very playful and sweet but does not like other dogs or children very much.

Ronnie on the other hand is much younger around less than a year. He is also white with a grayish path on his face. He is very loving and will do ‘namaste’ to you if you come to meet him. Ronnie is shorter like a Corgi than an average dog. He too has been sterilised and vaccinated.


Do call WSD on 64222838 or e-mail , if you know any one looking to adopt these dogs.