Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Orphan pups

Do spread the word about these adorable cuties which are being looked after by Manjiri. Do call her in case you are interested in adopting.

I am Manjiri Phatarpekar and I am sending the photo of the puppies who
have become orphan due to their mother’s sudden death. They are two
months old.

Phone - 022-28900515.
E-mail : mayurirp83@gmail.com

Monday, May 9, 2011

Chilly and others

All these rescued animals are looking for good home

Chilly – cat - 3 months. Female. Was dying in a gutter of gastro, when she was rescued.

Julie dog - – 9 months , female, abandoned by her family at Carter rd

Dolly dog - – 6 months. Female. Sterilized. Her mom died under a car when Dolly was just a month old.

Benz – cat -3 months. Female. Was rescued from the engine of a Mercedes benz car

Kaju & Peanut cat -– 1.5 months . Both Male. Almost came under a car at Bandra bandstand and were rescued

Kaali – cat - 1 .5 month old, female. Fell in a bucket of daambar, and was rescued

Call Chitrita on 9821139458 to adopt or for more information