Friday, April 23, 2010

Five adorable pups for adoption !

An e-mail received by WSD from Sneha... Please spread the word about these adorable pups !

Hi !

My name is Sneha. My mother and I would regularly feed a female stray and liked her a lot. In time, she became pregnant and gave birth, at our place, to eight little puppies. Now they're 2 months old, the 3rd month running. All we want is for these kids to find caring homes, since we can't afford, by money and space, to keep them on our own. We will be keeping 3 and are putting 5 for adoption.

Bittu and Bitki are male and female respectively and hardly different but for a few marks here and there. Bittu has a fine layer of brown-red fur and would be ok for people not liking too much fur on their pets, for allergy concerns or other reasons (couldn't hold him still for a full-body picture).

Bitki is the most enthusiastic little dog I've seen.

Gauri is a really sweet female pup, as soft and furry as a soft toy and very very peaceful.
Loves to retire to a corner with food or just go to sleep. Rarely barks loud but wails when hungry. She is really very beautiful.

Nooria loves pampering but is loyal and has beautiful expressive eyes.

Brownie also has more than her share of enthusiasm and hunger but though more petite than her siblings, is particularly agile and athletic.

May God bless them.

Contact us at: 9892533517(Sneha) or
9220509319(Sachin-my bro).

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


An e-mail forward received by WSD from Ayesha for Sparky. Do spread the word around so that this little fella gets a good home soon.

Sparky is a 1 mth old female stray pup luking for a home. In case you know someone who’d like to adopt her, please do let me know. Would appreciate if you could forward this mail to your friends too. Thanks so much.