Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rabbit time !

The "baccha's" of this rabbit mother and father(photos below) are looking for good homes. Here are the details sent by WSD Volunteer Rutu Dave. Here is the e-mail we received...

"start of e-mail"

Snowy (my rabbit.. for those of u who dont know) has delivered 4 babies on 23rd july 08..

I have started looking out for a home for them... hence this mail.. pls forward this to any1 u think might be interested


4 babies... 3 completely white.. 1 is black and white..

they are currently called Huey, Luey, Duey and Nuey

cant tell the sex now.. that is possible only at 8-10 weeks

healthy.. as snowy is taking good care.. of them.. and can be taken from the mother at 8 weeks.. so thats somewhere in september 08 you can take the baby home...

Requirements: a family who will take care of the rabbit.. and has time for it

For 1st timers I now have a fair idea abt them so can advise... also can give you details of a good vet/ surgeon in south mumbai

pls revert back to me on this email ID if interested.
"end of e-mail"

So if you want to have a happy rabbit time , do e-mail Rutu !
Update : The rabbits have been adopted.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kalki is looking for a home !

A mail received by WSD


If you or anyone you know would like to give this cute puppy a home, pls contact my friend Apurva at

Attached are a few pictures of the puppy, who my brother has named 'Kalki'.

She is almost 3 months old, she's had her distemper & anti rabies shots and has a healthy appetite.

She's light brown in color and her coat is growing more lustrous as she grows.
She was found in the hills behind Tungerli village in Khandala and she refuses to be called a street dog or Pariah :),

So we call her a Tungerli breed.

Thanks for the help.

Do spread the word to find a good home for adorable l'il Kalki.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dhoni looks for a good home

Dhoni was found abandoned with a nasty wound- which has now almost completely healed. He is trusting, intelligent and has a great ability to befriend humans and canines.

This Charismatic fluffy white pom will make a wonderfully loving house pet. f you want toa dopt him , Call WSD on 64222838 or e-mail

Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Dobby is famous

Dobby was adopted by Ruzbeh Raja from WSD. You will find her story here. She was featured by Disney Adventures in their July 2008 issue. She couldn't have found a better home in the Raja's.