Friday, August 10, 2012

5 pups for adoption

Please spread the word so that these five pups get a good home

The first ones name is JO she is 10 months old
The second one is snowflake, he is 4 months old
The third one is Tazo he is 2.5 months old
The fourth one is Elsa she is 8 months old
The fifth one is MAggie she too is 2.5 months old. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Joey - Photograph by Parizad Dotiwala
Joey is a one and half month pup, looking for a good hoime. He is very mischievious and just wants to play with you all day! Call WSD on 64222838 or 9819100808 or e-mail, if you want to adopt Joey.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


An e-mail from Behroz about Peaches who is looking for a good home. Do spread the word!

Peaches is a quiet, thoughtful girl who, once she gets to know you, will smooch and happily show you her tricks.

She is looking for a caring & compassionate home who will help build her confidence and understands she is a bit shy when meeting new people.

Hi, I am Peaches. I am about 5 and half months old. Here are some of my photographs for all youuuu Meowwww lovers. I am very photogenic & like to get myself being photographed. I am affectionate, quite and looking for a home where i can give and get lots of love.

If you want to adopt me kindly give me a tinkle on the following numbers: 09820519604 & 09920092220. Meowww!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pari Hu Main

Do spread the word around about sweet Pari who is for adoption. Here is Padmaja's e-mail

I have a mixed breed pup which we rescued few weeks back. I want to find a sweet,loving family who can adopt this pup.
I'm attaching a photo of my pup as asked by u.

Here r some details of my pup:
This pup PARI (We have temporarily named it so)Dog face is 3 month old female mix breed pup. She is white in color with brown ears. She is an adorable, playful & very energetic pup.
PARI goes bananas over mashed banana.
PARI eats marie bisciuts, milk (diluted) and softly cooked rice with boiled-mashed potatoes or carrots mixed with curds (diluted),idli & rotis ( not at all fussy about food).
PARI has been vaccinated for Distemper, Corona & rabies.

Request u to find a new home for puppy ASAP

E-Mail :

Friday, October 14, 2011

Two Pups

Do spread the word around for these two pups
2 very cute, playful and healthy pups(female, 2-3 months old) up for adoption. They were found abandoned on the streets of lower parel, looking for a good home,
If interested please contact me on

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ginger, the cute kitten

Urvi found this kitten without its mother near her building at Cuffe Parade. She is looking for a good home for the kitten.

Here is Urvi's e-mail.

Attached are some pics of the kitten. Keeping him on my floor for now but the neighbours keep getting him sent down every now and then. Atleast at night we try to keep him upstairs in a shoe box because he really very tiny.

Please spread the word so that the kitten finds a good home. You can call Urvi on 9987069615 or e-mail her on

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lone puppy

Hi I am 6 weeks old male puppy....I am cute and naughty.....My brothers and sister are all dead....Please give me a Chetan on 9920755075